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Latvian Family Solicitor

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Latvian Family Solicitor specialising in Divorces of Foreign Marriages.

We are a firm located in Dublin, Ireland specializing in overseas divorce. If you are a citizen of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland or Slovakia, but would like a divorce while out of country, we can help. Our solicitors are able to process divorce cases often without it not being necessary to return to your home country or attend any procedures in person. We are qualified and experienced in the dissolution of marriages while living abroad. Our attorneys are experienced with the complexities of international divorce.

We can help you to get divorced while in Ireland quickly and easily. Often times, we can do this with reasonable fees and without significant cost to you. Our firm can assist you with all aspects of your divorce case, and in many cases, there is no need or requirement for you to travel back to the country of marriage in order to finalize. After an initial consultation, our attorneys will be able to discuss with you the specific details of your case and provide you with a clear outline of what will be necessary in order to complete the entire process.

Foreign marriages

If you are from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, or Slovakia, but married somewhere in Europe or outside of Europe, we can assist you with your divorce. If you and your spouse hold different citizenships, you are eligible to apply for divorce in the country of your origin. This applies to those married in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Spain, France, Germany, or any other European or non European country.

Most common divorce cases consist of:

A. A marriage consisting of two individuals both citizens of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, or Slovakia, married in the country of their origin, with one or both parties currently living in Ireland and desiring a divorce while living outside of the country of origin.

B. A marriage consisting of two individuals, with one party being a citizen of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, or Slovakia, and the other being a natural citizen of a European country. The couple is typically married in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Spain, Germany, France or any other EU country.

C. A marriage of a citizen of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, or Slovakia, but married in UK, Ireland, Denmark, Spain, Germany, France or any other EU country, to citizen of another country, EU or non EU Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Ukrainian, Russian, Brazilian, Chinese or any other.

In some instances, contact may have been lost between the married couples, or one party is unable to be found. Such cases are more complex and may require more time and work. However, even under such circumstances, divorce is possible and can be accomplished. Although these situations are more complicated, our firm is still able to assist with divorce. The best way to handle such situations is to arrange for a consultation with our firm and we can discuss your particular details in person. The process for divorce will vary with individual cases. Please call us to arrange for your consultation today.

What we are able to provide for you:

A. Meet with you for an initial consultation

B. Discuss your particular case and analyze your specific needs

C. Prepare and notarize all necessary documentation for divorce

D. Translate all divorce papers

E. Organize all necessary tasks with our notary and solicitor in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland or Slovakia

F. Submit all documents for divorce in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland or Slovakia

G. Provide you with appropriate divorce paperwork upon finalization of divorce

Each case is unique and may include varying degrees of difficulty and complications. There are many specific issues that may create further complications due to the intricacies of an international divorce. If you are interested in obtaining a divorce, but are uncertain about how to proceed, our solicitors can discuss your specific concerns and questions during a consultation. There can be many issues within any divorce case, and handling a divorce involving multiple countries and citizenships can be extremely complicated and detail-oriented. However, with the appropriate attorney by your side, in most cases, the divorce procedure can be much less daunting than you may imagine. It is not necessary to avoid divorce due to the international status of your case, and our attorneys are able to guide you through the entire process. The most important step is the first one. Consult our firm and set up a consultation today.

To book a consultation regarding your divorce matter, please contact us:
Call +353 (0) 8794 88 901 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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